"OMG" it's Six Months Tomorrow!!!!
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Thread: "OMG" it's Six Months Tomorrow!!!!

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    Default "OMG" it's Six Months Tomorrow!!!!

    Hello All,

    Yes, Tomorrow is my Six Months Smoke Free.

    Its gone really well!!!! IMO Still vaping my Ego and promoting it to anyone who asked.
    My biggest milestone,,,,, My converts.... A story in its own right....
    I currently have five converts to e-cigs. Yes, five people have asked about what worked for me and I show them the Ego with pride!!!! Clouds of Vapor,
    What's that thing taste like???
    Has it helped???
    Do ya still want to smoke??
    How much does it cost???
    And my favorite: My son started making E-Juice.

    Makes a killer Flue Cured that I just can't get enough of..... And the best news I have to give is a personal one..... I saved enough money by not buying a carton of smokes a week to by myself a new 2011 Pick-Up Truck of my choosing.... A real nice gift to myself for not smoking!!!!
    At least that's how I feel about it....

    My only draw back is weight gain.... To be expected I guess since I love my cookies and coffee..

    But overall,,,, I owe it to the forum, IT'S PEOPLE, and the support they provided during a vary difficult time for me. (Just review the post in OMG, Its really Bad) Support Really Appreciated

    Thank GOD for all your help... I'm still here and loving idea of having been provided a new alternative to the "tobacco demons" which was slowly(Maybe Quickly) stealing my life......

    My Love to All

    Good Vapes~~~~~~~~


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    Purchased PV 3/10/2011
    Smoked last cigarette 3/11/2011