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Thread: My new mod - The Golden Layalina

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    hmmm I thought that it was the batteries, but I used it all day yesterday and most of today (so far) with a CE2-v5 (fat wick) and it's still chugging along. Seems that around 4.7 volts (4 hours @ my vape pattern) with a dual coil, the light dims and no joy. But pop in a CE2, the light is bright and it vapes (so far) over a day. The same kinda happens in my 5v regulated MV boxmods; fresh dual coil lasts about 3 or so hours then LED blinks once and no joy; and won't fire with that carto ever again. But pop a old/new CE2 and either PV work just fine. weird.

    Another thing, atty connector is mounted right on the metal lid. One probe on the center post and one on the lid reads 3.6v. Hmmm. Next time I build one, I'll make sure to isolate the connector with some silicone. Again, as it is, it works great with non dual coils just fine despite the "power leak". Could there be something odd happening inside these dual coils?

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    The dual coils have two coils in parallel so you are drawing a lot more amps. Your battery life will definitely be significantly shorter with them. Some devices with short protection won't even run them at all as the resistance is low enough that it thinks there is a short in the system. Basically you have two atomizers connected to your device instead of one.

    Edit: When your batteries get low they will not have enough amps left to push a dual coil but will have enough to run a single coil for awhile longer.

    With your setup having the body of the mod act as a common ground if fine as long as all of the positive leads are well insulated. You will find that almost all metal bodied devices have the negative tied to the body of the device reducing the need for extra wires for the negative side of the circuit.
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    hey TomCatt !

    lmao ! you kill me man !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna View Post
    hey gergoz
    Thanks. Yeh, I don't know why either. I'll check all my joints to see if any are touching the metal body. I used shrinkwrap tubes on all connections except the switch. I put a piece of silicon on the "lid" right under the battery holder just in case the connector touched metal (I would have used a 9v connector but it was too thick and the lid didn't close all the way; had to grind one edge of the atty connector to fit next to the battery holder). The batts are new-ish (couple cycles in a TV remote). I'll try a different set to see if it makes a difference. I dunno how the switch would make a difference.

    I did notice that CE2s make it last a couple hours longer. Maybe it's these dual coils. I dunno.
    That's just the way it is, you've done nothing wrong. NiMH's have a poor discharge rate and can't handle low ohm loads.

    Here's a full charged set, 5.5V unloaded with a 2Ω load.

    And that's just the cells, through an actual mod (due to additional resistance, switch wires etc) it would be closer to ~3.5 vaping/loaded volts. With your dual coils @ 1.5Ω it would be even lower. It's obvious if you are starting at 3.5V as soon as that drops about 0.4V... you're done.
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