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    Goog point on not needing the potentiometer if it's a VV mod, I guess if I do end up ever actually carrying out any plan to make one I can add a potentiometer if it isn't VV. I originally thought about having a potentiometer that could be set to different ranges, say one setting that went from 0-.5 ohms, then another setting with it from 0-1.5 ohms, and a third with 0-3 ohms. This might be a little tricky and not so functional when you factor in other options. I haven't looked into the possibility of finding a very small gauge for the voltage meter, and I too have only seen quite large ones. There must be something like it that could be implemented without taking up too much space. Remember when name brand batteries had that little tape that showed how much battery life you had left when you pressed on it? I think it would be nice to have a reliable measure of the battery you are using and at that moment, instead of setting your APV to 4.5 Volts and it firing at 4.0...

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    Personally, I would like a set up that allowed me to customize things myself as much as possible. This would be by having a set of computer models that fit with your electronics, and put them on a place like Shapeways.com. Then you simply order the version you want, and it gets rapid-prototype printed. Also, I would love the ability to edit the model myself. You would be selling the electronics kit, and the model itself via the service on Shapeways.com. You might also just release a few models to the public, so that they can have the basic insides that will hold your electronics. Of course, none of the above would prevent you from offering pre-assembled units, with perhaps some limited customization.

    As for the electronics. I think today people are expecting a device that has the following,

    Digital read out.
    More than a single button for the menu system.
    Variable Voltage.
    Variable Wattage.
    Battery status.
    Atomizer Ohm reading.
    Can charge the battery via USB without removing the batteries.

    A plus, that I would love to see, is a base that I can set the device in, and it starts charging. It doesn't necessarily have to be inductive charging. Simple contacts are fine. It is not uncommon to see such a feature in shavers and electric toothbrushes.

    -Joe Dunfee

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    Haha apple.
    Maybe get that little nano touch and make a homebrew OS to be the GUI


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