Shipping delays...Thanks for the update!
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Thread: Shipping delays...Thanks for the update!

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    Exclamation Shipping delays...Thanks for the update!

    Thanks for the email re: shipping delays. Nice to know what is really happening.

    " Due to the increase in volume the USPS has changed the way that they handle packages during the holiday season. As packages are shipped to their final location, if the plane that they would normally be shipped on is full then they simply reroute the package through a different city just to keep it moving towards the final destination as quickly as possible. In order to avoid confusion among recipients that are tracking their packages they have decided NOT to update the tracking information for these packages until they reach the sorting facility closest to their destination. Therefore, until USPS volume returns to normal levels it should be considered normal if tracking information shows that the package was process through the Charlotte sort facility and then does not update for several days. This does not mean that the package is stuck in Charlotte and actually means just the opposite. The package has left Charlotte and is on its way to your doorstep, but it may take a day or two longer than normal.

    We expect shipping times and tracking info to return to normal by the end of next week. In the meantime we will continue fulfilling and shipping orders as fast as humanly possible in an effort to get your order to you quickly. Thank you for your patience and Happy Holidays from the entire team at MyFreedomSmokes."

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    Even during the holidays, I received my order in 4 days. Great work, gentlemen!