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    Default Loyalty Program NOW LIVE!!!

    Great News Everyone!

    Our Loyalty Rewards Program is now LIVE!

    This means that you can begin earning rewards points which can later be redeemed for store credit towards future purchases at MyFreedomSmokes.com.

    However, this isn't just any old rewards program where you earn points for purchases and that's it. Instead, you can earn points for things like completing product reviews, signing up for our newsletter, or recommending us on a social network also.

    It even makes our long beloved Refer A Friend program, which gets you $5 store credit per referral, much easier to manage. You no longer have to worry about whether or not the person you referred entered your name into a box during checkout or how long it will take for your credit to show up. Now it is automatically tracked once they click on the link that you send to them via email, facebook, or twitter. You will get a few points just for them clicking the link, but you get 125 points if they make a purchase while they are there, which you can then redeem through your "My Account" section for an immediately available $5 credit.

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    Love this new format!
    People seem pretty excited about it from what i've heard.

    The above link is for the interactive blog where you can ask questions about the Rewards Program.
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