Introducing our two new signature flavorings for DIY, "Tobacco Blend" and "Tobacco Absolute (Concentrate)"
We know its hard for people to find these flavorings, so we now proud to offer them in our store!

Our very own tobacco absolute. Potent and flavorful.
Used to boost the "cigarette" flavor of you tobacco e-liquids. Many feel that this provides that true cigarette flavor and makes for tobacco e-liquids that are as close as possible to a real cigarete.
Add a few drops to your favorite tobacco e-liquid to take it to the next level. Adds a layer of complexity and a lingering, satisfying tobacco taste.

Made from our very own tobacco absolute. Potent and flavorful.
Serves as a great "base" flavor for tobacco mixes.
Warning: Although tobacco absolute has been used as a flavoring agent in the cigarette industry,
it is not an FDA approved flavoring for food use.
This is a blend of Tobacco Absolute, ethyl maltol and propylene glycol.
Note: The tobacco absolute will form a ring in the bottle, or sometimes some sediment.
This is normal and unavoidable.