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    We are starting a new contest..... You must READ the rules everyday!!!!!
    This contest is going to be a little different. You have a MAXIMUM post of 10 words per post. There must be 5 words on the first line and 5 on the next. This is going to be a spin off of the Night Before Christmas Story. The winner will be chosen at random using by post number. No more then 5 posts per person a day and you must number your posts 1-5

    1) 10 words per post
    2) 5 words on one line 5 on the next
    3) No more then 5 posts per person and you must number your posts 1-5
    4) You must add to the story appropriately
    5) No chit chatting in this thread (if you want to comment on a persons post PM them)
    6) Use your imagination and be creative!!!!!
    7) If you choose to not follow the rules your post will be deleted and if your post number is chosen by and you
    have not followed the rules you will not win and we will be forced to randomly choose another post!!!!!

    On the last contest we got alot of complaints about people not following the rules. The rules are very simple so please follow them!!!!!

    The winner will be picked every thursday....There will be a special prize for the week of christmas. Have fun and good luck... Please try to keep the rythm and make everything rhyme. HERE WE GO:

    Twas the night before Christmas
    and all through the house.........
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