510 Cartomizers don't all fit Provari??? Any ideas?
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Thread: 510 Cartomizers don't all fit Provari??? Any ideas?

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    Default 510 Cartomizers don't all fit Provari??? Any ideas?

    I just purchased a Provari to supplement my Ego-T, and I tried to use the 510 cartomizers that I purchased from cignot (Joye?? - solid black plastic including the tip, with a small hole at the end. No removable end). They don't screw all the way into the Provari and I can't get any vapor.

    When I use the 510 cartomizers that I ordered with my Provari, I received a different type of cartomizer (Boge???? white soft end that can be removed) and they work just fine.

    Is it possible that I am doing something wrong? I tried several of the Joye 510s and none will screw in all the way. Do I need to make sure to order a certain type of 510 cartomizers?

    (Really enjoying the Provari...huge difference with small settings on voltage. Who would have thought?)

    Thanks for any help you can give!!!

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    No idea but few people use those Joyetech reservoir cartos. I have noticed differences between various manufacturers of "510" batteries other than Joye. Some have a depression in the middle of the battery pole, one I own has a totally smooth battery pole. I would not be surprised if there are other differences and the Joyetech cartos may need the battery end to be shaped more identically to Joye batteries?

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    Try taking a pair of tweezers or something slinny and very flat and prying out the center pin on the cart just a 1/16 it may have gotten pushed in this happens a lot and if you just back it out a little bit then screw it back onto your Provari until it just makes contact it should work
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