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Thread: Cartridges compatible with Blu, V2

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    Hello folks

    Been using Blu for about a year and sister uses V2 for its stronger flavor.

    Though I have been somewhat dis-satisfied with Blu for its weak smoke and ok flavor (V2 is better on both counts.

    Recently I bought cartridges that are 'compatible' with Blu and V2 - made by a company called The Magic Mist (lousy name but good price, quality). Their website is The Magic Mist compatible with Blu V2 theSafeCig and GreenSmoke. Better smoke production than Blu - by far. Flavor is smoother too. Tried the V2 compatible ones on my sister's ecig too. She likes them.

    Any longer term users out there?

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    I'll be honest with you. Normally, I would bash GreenSmoke and the like because I think they're overpriced garbage. GreenSmoke was my first e-cig and the love affair ended after the first few days. I really hated the fact that they tried to make their cartos non-refillable and 16mg just wasn't staving off my cravings for cigarettes. It just wasn't my bag.

    I took a look at the site you linked and I have to admit that they charge a decent price for their cartos. The only issue I would have is the lack of flavors and the lack of higher nicotine levels. There are places where you can purchase blank cartos for a better price and fill them with the nicquid of your choice. I think that's a better, more economical choice for those users who really like Blu, SafeCig, GreenSmoke and the like.

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