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Thread: 2.4/2.8 ohm vivinova head(s)

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    Default 2.4/2.8 ohm vivinova head(s)

    Hello everyone!
    I read somewhere on these boards that a 2.8 ohm head would be ineffective on an ego-c twist-- to paraphrase, "I don't know why anyone would ever need a 2.8 on the twist..."
    Having just watched riptrippers new video vaping for beginners, he explicitly addresses the twist, as so many newbs have told him it's their choice. He says that a "regular resistance" carto is your best bet for a twist, citing a 3 ohm as ideal. Hence the contradiction and my new uncertainty (after just ordering a 2.4 ohm replacement head!). After watching the vid, I immediately put my 2.8 ohm head on my vivnova mini, voltage set at ~ 4.6; all I can say is WOW, what a difference. It's vaping better than ever. I'd stick with this resistence based solely on personal exp, but don't want to ruin heads, hurt the battery, or waste money. Have a 5 pack of 2.8's in my cart. Should I pull the trigger? Thanks a bunch.

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    It depends on what voltage you are vaping and what type delivery device. I use the twist/provari at 4.2v with a 2.4ohm head on the vivi nova and it works well for me. The nova doesn't seem to do well at real high voltage but that could be the type of juice I'm using. All of them will work you just adjust the volts for each.

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    I agree if you can adjust the voltage you should be able to use all of them. Personally I like the 2.4 head cause the 1.8 seems to make really hot vapor on the twist, and the 2.8 head seems too cool and doesn't produce enough vapor for me. I also seem to get some gurgling with the 2.8. It's all just trial and error if it works for you then pull that trigger.

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