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    Has anyone tried one of these? I can't find anything on them anywhere. I replied to a post in the ego forums, but figured I would post here because Ecig Charleston is running a 20% off everything through Sunday. That would bring these things to $19.99 for a 1300 mAh plus $1.99 shipping. Seems like a decent deal. Here is what the email said about them....

    "Why spin, when you can join the vaping revolution with our new Mystart Revolver? Made by the same company who makes Vison, our top of the line new variable voltage battery features a higher quality microchip, more secure internal connections as well as reliable performance and amazing vapor production. If you liked the Vision spinner, you’ll love the upgraded construction and new design of the Mystart Revolver."

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    I've switched several of my friends over to vaping and they have all gone to ecig charleston for their newbie kits. They (all three of them) have all had at least one of their batteries go bad within the first 4 days.. All of it was that mystart garbage. Just a heads up.

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