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Thread: New CE4 clearo and burning smell plus gurgling sound

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    Default New CE4 clearo and burning smell plus gurgling sound

    Hi, this question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I haven't been able to find an answer...

    I have just started using a new, fairly weak Ego-type battery with a regular, new CE4 clearo, and 18 mg liquid that I have used before. A very simple setup. However, unlike my other exactly-the-same setup, this one gives me a burning smell-taste and makes a slight gurgling sound when I vape.

    I did not try to clean the new clearo before I filled it. I am not sure what is making this unpleasant taste-smell. Will it just go away? What would you do?

    Thank you!

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    Sounds like it just has a bad coil with a hot spot.

    The Gurgling is probably from it not burning all the juice properly and it just falls inside.

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    3 places they might gurgle from.

    Where the mouthpiece meets the rubber when you screw it in. I don't see how you could fix that in a ce4 other than make sure you are screwing in the mouthpiece correctly. I've heard this is the most common issue.

    Where the wicks enter the stem. Sometimes there is too big of a gap going up to the rubber piece. Pull out the rubber and just through a wick on top of the existing wick. You can make a wick by stretching and rolling a piece from a cotton ball but be sure that is saturated with liquid before use. I doubt that is it since you said the other is fine.

    The third I just literally encountered minutes ago with a CE4 I was given and don't know the history of. I saw bubble coming up through the liquid at the bottom seal. I needed an o-ring for a ce5 so I just ripped it apart and took the o-ring but I suppose you could use some type of glue that isn't toxic and oil proof to fill that in.
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