Kanger T3 VS Kanger T3s???
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Thread: Kanger T3 VS Kanger T3s???

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    Default Kanger T3 VS Kanger T3s???

    So I am about 5 weeks into vaping and diving in deep! Havent had an analog since i picked up my iTaste MVP; then scooped up an ego twist as well. My biggest thing i have had an issue with is the tanks. I have Kanger t3, t3s and some iClear 16vm/vv tanks that came with the MVP....my concern is that i love the bottom feeding Kangers but my t3 tanks have been slurpping and gurgling and spitting juice in my mouth the t3s tanks have not..... i dont want to throw out the t3 tanks but can not seem to get them to hit like the t3s. i watched some youtube vids about removing the two extra flavor wicks on top of the coiled wick but did it to 2 of the 3 i have with no success....still gurgling my juice is a 33vg/66pg from mister e liquids and i usually burn btwn 3.6 and 4.0 any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    you can convert your t3 to a t3S...just need to buy the bases and heads(that's the only difference, t3 is base/head as one piece, t3S is base and head are separate pieces) or try these tips How To: Fix your leaking Kanger T3! - YouTube
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