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Thread: Looking at pipe mech mods

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    Default Looking at pipe mech mods

    Have one and like it? What are you vaping? What tank and coil system do you use? VV/VW? Just something I'm thinking about, like to know what anyone that has one thinks about them.

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    I have a Smok e-Pipe clone from Fasttech. Kinda restrictive in my opinion, and suspect if you in an area that is not welcoming of it. I already got told to put it away by shops when I was using it, even when there are other people vaping at the same table and battery life isn't that great, seeing that it takes a 18350 battery.

    Not a big deal since I keep it at home, just to play it safe. Because of the angle of it and for some other mods, it's best to use tanks or clearos. I'd use a Protank Mini, but my mod only has a 510 and no Ego threading. I'd have to buy a 510 to ego adaptor, but I'm using a Mini Nova tank, so it works pretty well since I tilt on occasion.

    For other models, There isn't too much selection, especially with variable voltage/wattage. There's one the PBusardo reviewed that was pretty awesome, but extremely pricey for what it is. Well worth it if you are into that, though.

    I like it because it is different from anything else in my case. It has it's definite flaws, but nothing too major like I've described above.

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    I have the Smok e-pipe too...and so far I like it very much. It's a basic "semi" mechanical like the Bolt (I read somewhere there are wires to the switch, but I don't know that for a fact. It just makes sense, considering how it's built.) I'm using 1.7ohm carto in a smoke black 3ml. tank (the pipe is gold). Right now I'm using one of those long black "tank refiller drip tips"...but have a stiletto on order. The black knucklehead does really well, too. I personally like 18350s because of the smaller size and pocket-ability. I'm usually a box mod sort of vaper. The pipe fits in with my "form factor" well.

    Vapes great. Nice big button...easy to fire. Uses both flat top and button top (turn the button facing downward in the mod). I'm getting clouds of satisfying vapor. Nice!

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    Yeah I have the Smoktech Pipe Mod. I take it out with me while I am on the go. It is small and the 510 connection is very good. However, whenever I am using it, people think I am smoking not-tobacco if you catch my drift. It looks remarkably like drug paraphanelia, much more so than an actual pipe.

    If that is not an issue for you, pick one up. The stuff at epipemods is pretty spectacular, but expensive. The Madvapes diablo pipes seem cool, but I don't know how well the auto switch works

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