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Thread: Looking For Blu Disposable Tabacco Flavor/Juice

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    Domestic is the closest to Blu's tobacco. I got a bottle of original a few months ago and it was minty. My hubby likes the silverthorn says it's like a 555 but with some Carmel not as sweet as tenessee cured though.

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    Wish I could say the same thing about the Tennessee but to me its just tastes like smoked ham. Its not bad but I don't think I want it as my regular vape. The disposable Blu has a more nutty taste that is delicious. I just ordered the Domestic in the hopes that maybe that will be closer.

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    Johnson Creek is the closest as they make the Blu Flavors as several other posters mentioned. You can get close, but the Blu Flavors are proprietary to Blu, again, as others have mentioned. JC has an excellent sampler package that I ordered and tried, even though I DIY. Quality is amongst the best I've tried. Highly recommended. Good luck in your JuiceQuest. The usual answer to JuiceQuest is simple:

    Juice Bars at local Brick and Mortars AND Sampler Packs, as mentioned. Also, MyFreedomSmokes has a tobacco sampler pack for a good price and I found several that I thought were excellent. US Tobacco and Desert Ship were a couple of favorites. I think the sampler pack that I got had ten different tobacco juices. You very well may find something you like. I was surprised how many I liked.

    Good luck on your JuiceQuest. Happy Shopping. Best to you. Power up and Vape On!
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