Juices Aren't Tasting Full Flavored
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Thread: Juices Aren't Tasting Full Flavored

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    Default Juices Aren't Tasting Full Flavored

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and to vaping and I've gotten really into researching good flavors and different options for hardware. I recently ordered a couple bottles of juice from Vape Dudes and picked up another bottle of juice from a Volcano retailer. All 3 have a hint of yummy flavor but a more overpowering metal type taste. I don't know if I'm describing it right but there's a harsh taste that I haven't tasted in the first juice I had bought so I'm thinking something's wrong. I know I'm supposed to steep the ones I bought from Vape Dudes for a week or so which I'm doing now so will that fix that awful back taste? I'm just using a basic e-cig that I bought as a $20 kit with a disposable atty. Also the Volcano juice I bought from the retailer...should that be steeped too? And as far as steeping I am just removing the cap and nozzle and sitting the open bottles on a shelf in my closet. Is that all there is to it?

    Sorry for all the silly questions and thank you!

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    It's most likely the atty. Probably burnt your wick or there's a build up of gunk on it an that's what your tasting. The longer you use an atomizer, the more the performance deteriorates. That's why many start using rba's.

    Steeping usually is just allowing time for the flavor to develop in a dry cool place. I wouldn't leave the top off, that's more for wines.
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    Yeah..not always the juice

    A chemically/bubblegummy/or licking a tire taste from a fresh bottle of juice usually means it needs to steep

    But if that juice has been going good...then turns nasty...its usually the head in the tank that is burned (metal taste usually means the coils are getting too hot)

    Try either washing it out or replacing the head

    Also there is this
    Inhalation technique with an e-cigarette

    I have found doing a puff puff puff on it like smoking a pipe or trying to start a 1/2 lit analog works best for me but YMMV

    Sounds like you are using a cigalike (e-cig stick type battery) those things on the end are carto's and when they dry out (the wicking/storage material surrounding the coil) starts running low you get that ick burnt nasty taste

    You can try washing them...or replacing them...many are refillable
    Silly name but it works

    You also can get clearomizers to fit those e-cig sticks if they are 510 threaded types

    Since you are new...there are literally HUNDREDS of better "personal vapers" out there..the cigalikes are usually where everyone starts...head over here for a 6 part intro...trust me..it will answer ALOT of questions! (read the stickies)
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    Default Try This

    My Yin and Yang

    If you find a juice you don't like anymore add a drop of VINEGAR to 5 mi shake and try again, I use Apple Cider Vinegar with RY4.

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    It's the disposable atty

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