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Thread: Newbie with an Ozone Smoke, what should I expect?

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    Holy crap! The difference between the OzoneSmoke and the Apollo Extreme is like night and day. The physical and electrical properties are very similar between the two. The batteries and cartos appear to be interchangeable, and the Apollo cartos do work on the OS batteries, I'm not going to try it the other way (I don't care about frying an OS battery, but I don't want to kill an Apollo). Both batteries are 3.7v, but the Apollos cartos are 2.5ohm vs the OS's 3.0ohm.

    As far as performance goes, huge difference. The first surprise was the battery response time. With the OS, I've had to suck on it a little to prime the battery before I take a drag. With the Apollo, the battery response is instant. The vapor quality is the biggest difference, it's more like the smoke you get from a regular cigarette, warm, heavy, and with a good hit. Some of this may be down to the different e-liquids, but I imagine a good part of it is because of the 2.5ohm carto. The other big difference is air resistance through the unit, it's much harder to pull a drag through the OzoneSmoke. Oh, and the Apollo's blue LED is not nearly as bright as the OS's green one, another plus in my book.

    So far there are only two minor problems. The first is the USB charger, which has a dual-color red/green LED. The green LED flashes as the battery charges, and flashes faster the closer it is to charged. This is VERY annoying, and I imagine it will be worse when it's in the car at night. The second is that the cartos get warm after a few drags, which is a bit of a surprise.

    All in all, extremely happy with my purchase. Now I've gotta get a couple of these cartos emptied so I can try some different flavors!

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    Hi just and congratulations. The cartos will get warm if you chainvape or vape too fast. You need to learn how to take slow, long draws and then lat the carto rest for a while to let fresh juice flow to the heating coil. Most people who use small batteries have at least two or three of them going at the same time. If you're not careful, you may burn the filler in the cartomizer and then you'll have to throw it out.

    For tasting new juices I recommend buying some blank cartomizers or small clearomizers--with no filler.

    If you have any additional questions, visit Apollo's subforum:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustCoz View Post

    Is there any way to tone down the LED on the end? If I'm driving at night, it's really bright, especially when it's on the charger and aimed practically right at me. Can I put a resistor inline with the LED to give it a bit of a voltage drop, or will that mess with the voltage output to the carto?

    Just cover the LED light with black tape.

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