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    Good morning. Most juices benefit from a "Caps/drippers off for 24 hours, caps/drippers back on SHAKE, let steep for a few days routine. Also, remember to SHAKE your bottle of juice before filling your juice delivery device.

    If you were using cartomizers, you probably should have just gotten some of the prefilled ones to sample the HALO juices before investing in a larger amount.

    But we are all eager at the beginning. And it does take a short while to find a vendor or vendors we click with, flavor-wise.

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    Finding a good juice is harder than finding good vape gear, imho. Three suggestions:

    1. Sampler Packs from good vendors. My first one was MyFreedomSmokes.com, they have some nice sampler packs
    2. Juice bars at the local vape shop (B&M). Maybe the best way to find the first decent vapeable juice
    3. DIY. Making your own juice is not only much less expensive, after setup costs are capitalized, but you can make small samples and adjust as required. This is not inexpensive, but highly rewarding. More an art than a science, but still both.

    Good luck in your JuiceQuest. I have three ADV's (all day vapes). I have made hundreds, tried hundreds. Like many, but an ADV is something special, and individual. Enjoy the Journey. Get to a juice bar and get something decent. I fell in love with cherry at first, but can't make it at all. The fruits and pastries and tobacco's seem to be the most popular. Good luck!
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