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Thread: Juice companies to avoid?

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    I have to tend to agree with stars and bars on the Johnson Creek tends to be Quite watered down ( esp in their blu cigs) their menthol ( even their "intense menthol" drops def left many things to be desired imho.

    But to each their own I guess. I like Zeecigs juice, they have a somewhat good variety and in different formulas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D. Waterhouse View Post
    Lizard Juice, what size are their bottles? They look like 10 or 15 ml and if that's true, that's too spendy for my taste. I find it more than a little suspicious that they don't list bottle size or offer different sizes on the site.
    Their smalls are 12.

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    thanks for this thread... have ANY of you looked at the vapebook and vapeknoweldge ?? google it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPGTucker View Post
    I personally only buy from local vendors. I have a good relationship with the owner of the place I'm going now and I actually know where he gets his ingredients, what they are, and the person who mixes for me. I guess my approach is something along the lines of "Who do you trust more, the farmer in the next county you've seen feed the cow, butcher it and serve it up on a plate, or the greasy teenager at McDonalds frying up pink mystery slime?"

    I have to say, I would NEVER order fluid from FastTech, or anything from a head shop or gas station. The only exception to that rule is a place here called Smokies House of Pipes. Their fluid comes from a local vendor walking distance from my house. Of course, considering the circumstances, I would much rather just buy direct.
    No, I wouldn't trust him/her more just because he raised and butchered an animal. And I've eaten at McDonald's restaurants all over the world and felt pretty safe that the food wouldn't kill me.

    Fasttech carries the most popular brands of Chinese eilquids (Hangsen, Dekang and Liqua). They are all produced in very clean and well run factories. I've seen pictures and I've read reports from our ECF vets and vendors who have visited China and eliquid factories--they were impressed.

    Many of us started on Chinese juices--there weren't any other choices back then. We all lived and even enjoyed them. The legendary Ruyan 4, AKA RY4, was created by a talented Chinese chemist and manufactured in China. To this day, every artisan juice maker is trying to duplicate that flavor or create his own version of it. Janty and Joyetech RY4 ejuices got me off cigarettes. There is absolutely no reason not to order from Fasttech--unless you don't like the flavors, of course.
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