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    Pyrex/borosilicate glass carto tanks, Phiniac & IBtanked are what I use. (3 Phiniac, 1 IBT)
    Thick strong glass (as sturdy as glass can be), excellent consistent Th, flavor & vapor production, about as leak free as vaping gets IMO, easy to use & maintain.
    Varying sizes, shapes, styles, colors, decoration can be personalized (etched, painted, frosted designs).
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    Protank 2 & Protank mini. I purchased the Innokin VTR and it came with the new Iclear 30s and I am finding that I love it.

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    You're right, there are alot of great tanks out there. All have their ups and downs. For me, this has turned into a hobby rather quickly. I have bought quite a few tanks (think i am up to 15 when the vapemail gets here), to try to figure out which ones i like the best. What i found, is that i like all of them for different reasons, and right now they are all in the rotation.

    Top coil:
    2 iClear16: Came with my MVP 2.0.
    2 VivaNovas: Came with the Smoktech VMax

    These give a warmer vape because it has a top coil. I use these with flavors i want warmer, which is mostly tobacco flavors (more like an analog), and some desserts like cinnamon roll, etc to get that hot out of the oven touch to them.

    Bottom Coil Clearomizers:
    1 Protank
    3 Protank II
    1 Mini Protank II

    These I use for simplicity. Easy to clean, easy to change flavors, easy to fill. The flavors are a little muted, but that is the price you pay for convienence. Also a little muting can be a good thing with really intense menthol/fire and ice type flavors.

    Carto tanks:
    2 IBTanked
    3 ValleyViewVapes.

    LOVE the flavor of the carto over a clearo, but reserved for my favorite flavors/ADVs since the carto hold quite a bit of liquid, making it harder to change flavors.

    Favorite top coil: Iclear16
    Favorite Bottom Coil: Protank II
    Favorite Carto tank: IBTanked
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    The iclear 30 is a great clearo. It brings out the flavor in juices and able to use higher watts for a better vape. Moved over to the protank 2 due to the convenience of rebuilding and found it better. After rebuilding it to a 1.5 ohm firing it at 7.8 watts it has the same flavor taste as the iclear but even more warmer vape. Placed my iclear on the side as back up or until someone figures a way to rebuild it.
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    I use Innokin 30's, ProTank II's and a Smok Vivi Nova..... Favorite so far is the ProTank II but I don't mind using any of those 3.

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