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Thread: New Juice & Asthma

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    Yeah my asthma has been pretty nasty this season. In fact I just ran to the gas station and am taking a treatment as we speak. I hope you figure out what is causing your issues. Don't be afraid to try new liquids just get small bottles and only take a couple puffs them wait and see if it happens. I can vape most tank crackers no issues. So that's not my issue but your mileage may vary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoshana View Post
    Yes, I'd read that some fluids could crack the plastic tanks. I used the Triton tanks for the Roar flavors. They didn't crack, but I suppose they could have interacted with the plastic to create something nasty. The local fluid I used in a Kanger glass tank. I sure hope I can continue to vape fruit flavors, the only other flavors that I like, but not nearly as well, are yesterday's lemon meringue (still fruit), my mix of Virgin Vapor Mint tingle & Halo Kris Kringle (tingle/kringle), and occasionally, Halo's Belgian Chocolate (but I've found that it tends to burn quickly, even on lowest setting).

    You all are really amazing! I can't believe how much you know and I'm so appreciative of your willingness to help!!
    You at the same time are helping others by posting about this issue and you'd be surprised how many vapers with a similar problem will find answers and/ or solace in this thread.

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    I may have more of an answer as to what caused the asthma episode. I vaped three different flavors that day from the new vendor (two Hawaii series and Earl Grey). I used Triton tanks for all. One of the tanks became completely opaque and it feels scratchy inside and the other two were en route to becoming opaque. My lungs probably didn't like vaping the degrading plastic. Lesson learned. Triton tanks for Halo fluids, glass tanks for everything else.

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