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Thread: New to E-Cigs, need some suggestions!

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    Hi man and welcome!

    Regarding your wife, what ever devices you use, try getting some wooden or acrylic drip tips for her. Avoid anything metal, even stainless steel because it is often mostly unpleasant for people that struggle with "space" looking device in their hand.
    And about menthol, since you already mentioned you will get Halo g6, try their Menthol Mystic and Menthol Ice flavors, I heard they are stunning... I don't prefer menthol tastes but I am ordering sample pack these days just to try that Mystic juice. In general Halo are top quality e-liquids. Just avoid Captain Jack and Tiki as first time Halo user imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwerveCity View Post
    Thanks for all the responses! I decided on a spinner/combo kit from MyVaporStore. I got a Vision Spinner VV 1300 and an eGo C Twist VV along with an EVOD clearomizer and a Kanger Mini Tank to try out acidic flavors without ruining my clearomizer. I almost went with the Halo G6 starter kit, but the big, bulky tank looking stuff just looks so neat and it kind of adds to the novelty of this entirely new experience. For juices I bought ThugJuice 80/20, Hawk Juice 65/35 and then 555 tobacco with menthol flavoring to add to it. I almost got the 555 menthol, but reviews seemed somewhat mixed. On my next paycheck though I am going to likely get the Halo G6 starter kit so I can have something a bit more subtle, plus my wife is terribly unenthusiastic about all of this and a more cig-a-like device will be instrumental in getting her to eventually convert. The difficult part it seems will be finding the right flavor/strength for her. She could care less about fun, varying flavors (at least at the moment). She has basically stated that unless the vapor practically mimics a real menthol cigarette in every way, she will have no part of it. I hope the 555/menthol flavoring combo will do the trick. I know that there IS a hardware/juice combo that would be perfect for her.....but finding it may take some time. Thanks again for all the replies!
    When you pick up the Halo G6 kit, grab a menthol sampler pack. There should be something in there that "does it" for your wife. E-liquid Sample Packs | Menthol Flavors | Halo Cigs

    I highly recommend picking up a PCC for charging the G6. Nothing worse than not having an option to charge while on the go - Portable Charger Case (PCC) | G6 Electronic Cigarette | Halo Cigs

    eGo-C Twists, MVP 2.0, iStick 30W with Kanger EVOD and EVOD2 clearos

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