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Thread: New here, COPD diagnosed, how to Vape?

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    Just do what your doctor tells you, and not what people on here are telling you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imanidiot View Post
    First of all, let me say that I very much appreciate everyone who has responded to my first thread, you are extraordinarily kind to a stranger. And you have all given me much to think about. I think the way to go, for me, is to try to keep it simple, keep NOT inhaling, and look at this as a step in a process, the goal being not to have to do this at all. With an eye to that, I'm considering trying V_lestat's suggestion about the Halocigs G6 starter system. I have no complaints about V2cigs, and the fact that they make their batch contents available would seem to say that they aren't trying to hide anything. Of course, I ALREADY have the V2 starter kit, and, assuming that their making their batch contents available means that their cartridges aren't really scary---maybe I should just stay with them for a bit. Please feel free to tell me I'm being stupid/misguided if you wish, I won't take offense.

    Once again, thank you all for your kindness.
    Just sharing some personal experience. My mom has been vaping for close to 3 years- she has COPD and in her late 70's. Her doctors are happy that's she's vaping and she feels great. She inhales. When she started, I got her high VG liquid and she had issues with it (as did I).

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    I would recommend you get an O2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. You can buy them online or at just about any CVS or Walgreens or such. Usually around $90-60. These are a MUST for people with chronic lung conditions. ( Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Oximeters )

    Check you O2 stat when you havent been vaping for at least a hour or two (minimum. More time is better though). Compare this to vaping and inhaling for less than 5 minutes. If nothing else, this will let you see if inhaling messes with your O2 stats any.

    If I were in your shoes I would keep a record of these readings and present them to your doctors. But as stated previously you don't NEED to inhale to get the nicotine, though many still do, because cigarettes helped enforce calm on many people by inadvertantly teaching them deep breathing techniques along with the the other chemicals.

    I'm not a doctor, I was a nurses assistant on an acute pulmonary floor in a hospital for over a year, so this qualifies me for little, except anecdotal evidence I saw from working with many people with varying levels of COPD.

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    I have both Asthma & COPD & since I started vaping I have been able to cut my medication in half.
    I dont cough anymore in the mornings either,my Dr. is a 100% supportive
    & encouraged me to try & cut down the corticosteroids(inhaler) which is far more harmful long term than anything I can vape!

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    From what I'm told, nicotine in any form, in any intake will make it harder to absorb oxygen. That being said removing all the crap in traditonal smokes, the vapor is much nicer to the body.

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