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Thread: Newbies read before buying products!

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    Hey guys! So some useful tips when first starting out that I wish I knew! The main thing is try try try! You have to go into vaping optimistic it's going to be really hard and really easy for certain people, but what you have to remember is the end result is live long or die early! Yeah at first vaping is going to suck your going to be so confused with everything and want to go to the local store and get a look alike ecig and it's going to suck so try one of these options! The first id do is find a local ecig vendor a few miles away this will help save a lot of time and a lot of money! You can try many flavors and devices for free and find out how you want to vape right then and there. Don't get sucked into these cool looking devices or just because something is more expensive it's better! And if you decide to go the website route go to a top rated one! Just simply google top ecig vendors of the year to guarantee satisfaction! A great place I found was apollo ecigs. There products arnt the best but tree prices are fair there selection is decent and the best part free shipping and a money back guarantee! Hope this helps if your reading this you've taken your first step to saving your life be proud your trying!

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    This will also provide a lot of information to make the transition easy and painless...New e-cigarette users Archives - ECF InfoZone

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    Starting out, there are no local venders here, so I went online and bought several kits from different suppliers and a couple juices from several juice suppliers. Some stuff was very good, some ok, some went straight in the garbage can. I believe every penny I spent on that first trial was well spent. I learned a lot, found a few great suppliers and haven't had a smoke since I opened the first package! Like the first post says, keep trying til you find a combination that is right for you (then have fun trying more).

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