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Thread: Battle of protank 1, 2, mini protank 2 and smoktech dct pyrex

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    Tips - search ECF
    Hundreds of discussions
    Excellent advice on individual experiences with each unit.

    Watch Youtube Videos - Dozens of good tutorials.
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    If you are a clearo user, I would highly recommend an airflow controller like this one from madvapes.

    It allows you to fine tune most clearos with just a small adjustment and for just $3, it might turn that $20 tank you have sat on a shelf into your favorite device.

    As an aside, I used CE5s and Vivi novas when I first started. Almost every clearo I have used takes a little fiddling to get a satisfying vape.

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    Just picked u a new Protank II today and some new flavors. My first Protank is still a great tank, I like them both. I haven't had any issues with my Protank 1.Finally got a variable voltage ego twist and it did make my vapor production much better. I'm using a 2.2 ohm head on both and they both vape equally well.

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    How odd. I'm using a protank mini 2 (v.1 and v.2, prefer the v.1) with a spinner and a twist, on 2.5 coils and haven't ever had a burnt issue that wasn't due to too high of a setting. I regularly keep my batteries around 3.8 for my juices. Totally retired my crap CE5 and my EVODs for them, even. I haven't found that they use juice more quickly, but I did tend to vape more (and thus use more) before I got used to how different they were.
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