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Thread: New Guy, just got my halo Triton.

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    Hello Guys ! Welcome to the forum .

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    Halo batteries seem to be top notch...good choice. I have several.

    The mini tanks are the same as the Kanger T4 which are cheaper at litecigusa or Smokeless Image...nothing wrong with Halo, just cheaper elsewhere. If you file down one of the cones just a smidge, it will slide right over the mini tank.

    The Triton tank is similar to a Kanger T2...also cheaper elsewhere as are the replacement heads...again, nothing wrong with the Halo brand.

    Also Kanger e-Smart clearos work great on the Triton batts.
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    Gort, Klaatu barada nikto

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    Welcome to the site as you I am a newbie checking out the site when I have time. I have cut my smoking down to maybe 3 cigs a day. I have to finish my pack and a half off. Every time I smoke now though they taste like crap. But that's a good thing. My friends are the ones who turned me on to this and I really think this is going to work. I just have to get over the first cig in the morn the one after dinner and the one before bed. LOL I vapor but it just not the same. Once the cigarettes are gone there gone. Out of habit today I caught myself smoking one. I hate being a creature of habit!

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    Hello, Newbie to the forum here had been a lurker for several months decided to join. I smoked straight for 40 years so hang in there you can do it.The first 2 weeks getting off the cigs. where the worst for me felt like I had the flu. Been vaping for about 8 months now my house don't smell like smoke anymore and my wife is happy. Vaping Halo Tribeca and Southern Classic in my 2 Tritons right now. A real cig.does taste like crap after vaping a week or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
    Hello fellow vapers.
    I have been smoking real cigs for far too long, I am 38, started smoking at 16.
    I have a new baby daughter and my wife has been wanting me to quit.
    I have quit in the past, but it never lasted more than a few months, Last year I started trying those logic,blu, ecigs, they
    Did not give me any feeling of smoking, or satisfaction.

    Over the past few days I researched this vaping, honestly I had no idea how huge it was.
    After alot of research I ordered a Halo Triton starter kit Iridecent color, a variety sample pack of juices, a pack of xl g6 cartos and some extra heads.

    WOW, this thing is Amazing, I was expecting it to be better than the ones I was buying at the gas station or convenience store,
    but this thing blew me away, I filled all my cartos and took a toke from each one to taste them all, I liked them all, turkish,tribeca,sub zero, cringles curse, malibu and belguin cocoa.

    It has such a nice throat hit and so much more vapor than those disposables I tried.
    I can honestly say I dont feel myself craving a cig, I got 24mg nic, if I take a few too many tokes I feel funny

    I wish I found out about these sooner.

    So Begin day 1 no more real cigs
    I am doing this not only for my own health, but for my family as well, I am tired of smelling like an ashtray, being out of breath, and spending $10 on a pack of smokes Daily
    Welcome to ECF Supergrover! You're off to a really great start!

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