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    HEY "VZ" . . .

    Now - As long as "You" promise not to tell ANYONE that I told Ya' anything, especially since I will definitely deny it until the day I die . . . AND - Now with that Disclaimer said . . . Just in case "You" didn't know it already - I heard somewhere that if Ya' want to learn where to go and what to do - "SWMBO" - should also be "ASKED" . . .

    Just Sayin' . . .

    (Oh JEES - I'm probably gonna get into trouble for this anyway, but I gotta help this man out somehow . . . )
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    People should seriously stop expecting Normal from "Me" - We all know it's not going to happen.

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    Uncle, in trouble? I won't stand for it!

    However, as the "she" in question (who is rarely if ever actually 'obeyed' btw, just as I like it)...

    I agree. This forum is friggin huge. I end up searching a lot, and since half the time he's looking for something when I'm not actually here/online... well 'search the thing and the thingy plus that one deal and you should get close to where you need to be' isn't that helpful

    Neither are my explanations to avoid the searching. I use lots and lots of whatchamacallits and shiny bits in my vocabulary

    He found PIF at least. And I do direct him places if I know he's looking for them

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    Just pretend it makes sense.

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    Default ratted yourself out bro. But no I ask her first, then ask someone else to fill in the gribbley bits.

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