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Thread: Benefits of a Dual Coil Tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill's Magic Vapor View Post
    Check out the review:
    Everything is explained.
    The video doesn't explain squat. It's just some dude sitting in a very noisy background room disassembling and reassembling the tank and then pulling a few vapes on it. He should have shown the coils by pulling the post off the top of the coil assembly. No narration, no explanation; just lots of nothing to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baditude View Post
    "Dual coil tank" is a bit of a misnomer, too. The first cartotanks offered by Smoktech were called DCT, or Dual Coil Tanks, and also introduced Smoktech's brand new cartomizers that were...dual coils! Prior to this cartomizers were only single coiled.

    Many novices are not aware that you can use single coil cartomizers in dual coil tanks. In fact, most people prefer single coil cartos over dual coils. Dual coils were a nice idea that never worked out in real life.

    And a DCT is just a cartotank no different than any other cartotank. Same anology as Band Aids vs adhesive bandage, Q Tips vs cotton tip applicator, Kleenex vs facial tissues, etc.

    Dual coils are two heating coils in the carto cylinder, one over the other. I happen to believe that in a cartotank with punched holes, the top coil in a dual coil cartomizer does not get enough juice wicked to it because the wick holes are placed so low on the carto. The end result is the top coil burns the wick material and can often cause a burnt taste. At least this is the reason that I made the switch from dual coil to single coil cartos in my cartotanks.
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    Any thoughts on the AGA-TD

    Just got done recoiling one.

    My thoughts on my tinkering of duals in RDA and RBA, I don't see anything I can't do with a single ribbon coil other than drain the liquid and battery faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loislolalane View Post
    I'm not much of a carto tank person. I am a glassomizer person, at the moment, and my question came from the launch of the Kanger Protank 3. I haven't expanded my mind to the concept of cartos and I don't understand what punching holes in a carto would do...
    You may be confusing cartotanks with clearomizers.

    The Kanger Protank 3 is a Glass Clearomizer ("Glassomizer").

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    I'm not an "over the deep end" vapor chaser, but I do find lots of vapor more satisfying than a heavy throat hit and I can't say enough good things about my iclear16. Love it!

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