what is the best setup for your kayfun 3.1?
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Thread: what is the best setup for your kayfun 3.1?

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    Default what is the best setup for your kayfun 3.1?

    what is the best setup that you guys ever did on your kayfun 3.1? mind sharing?

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    Brunei huh? Cool.

    "Best set-up" is a relative term. Without knowing what you have available to you for wick and wire, what resistances are you comfortable with, what PV you're using and what it's capabilities are, or even what PG/VG mix you like to use... it would be impossible to suggest a best that would be best for you.

    For examples -
    What do you have for wire? I like 27 and 28 gauge Kanthal and although I usually run a horizontal coil, with the right wick, will run a vertical.
    What resistance? I generally run from a low of 0.7Ω to a high of 1.5Ω.
    What wick? I mostly use cotton balls or P&C cotton yarn, although I occasionally use hemp fiber and XC-116 ceramic.
    What do you have for a PV? I tend to use unregulated, 18XXX battery, mech mods with Kayfun type attys.
    What juice? I usually use a 60/40 PG/VG blend.

    So... come back with the specifics, and it will be easier for me, and others, to offer recommendations.