Noob vaper here, with battery questions!
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Thread: Noob vaper here, with battery questions!

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    Default Noob vaper here, with battery questions!

    I'm an extremely noob vaper who got converted to the vape because an Altsmoke store opened up recently here in Columbus. I firmly believe that I took the RBA plunge far too soon, but it's been going alright. I'm getting better at building coils and I'm happy with my K100 and Phoenix V10.

    My only question is if there are any clearomizers that would work and not blow up in my face with IMR 18650 2000mAh batteries. I love rebuilding to death, but sometimes I'd like something that's a little less of a prima donna that I don't have to constantly check, that, and running out of silica in the middle of the night is beginning to become a nightmare for me. I doubt there's anything to fit the bill and that I'd have to grab a different battery. Either way, I appreciate any responses I get. There's one hell of a knowledge base here and I can't wait to dive in!
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