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Thread: Something I didn't expect has posed a possible problem

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    I use ce4 s and never had a problem with them. would recommend them. they always get a bashing on here but i don't know why. i have yet to have one that has leaked and been using them for six months at least. takes all of 20 seconds to fill one and at 3 pounds each for decent ones not worth the hassle of buying the ce4+ that takes replacement coils. they last from anything from a couple of weeks to a few months. just depends what liquid you are using. any way if it was my mum i would suggest the ce4 . just use and toss . simple.

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    anything related to vaping is kind of fiddly.
    Think that the Kanger Evods may be less

    Looking to try a Kanger Uni, and see if the top fill is better or worse.

    Vape 'em if ya got 'em.

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    Get one of those pickle jar rubber grips...that would probably help apply more strength to loosen it up...

    Or a pair of tweezers that can firmly clamp down on the bottom base.

    (I only read up to page 2, so someone might have already suggested this).
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    I like the Vivi Nova Minis; they fill from the top. You can get them with a metal tube for vaping tank-cracking juices, or with a clear tank. A lot of folks like various IClears too. Best to your Mum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Completely Average View Post
    The absolute EASIEST and one of the best performing eGo clearos that I've found is the Kanger T2 clearo.

    Notice how the coil stem extends above the top of the tank? That makes it impossible to accidentally pour liquid down the center tube. Just unscrew the tip, tilt the clearo a little, and pour the liquid directly on the stem and it will flow right into the tank without spilling a drop.

    The clearos NEVER leak, never gurgle, and never spit raw liquid, even if you are using the eGo while lying on your back, holding it upside-down. A single coil can last 2 or more months with basic cleaning. The coils are easy to unscrew and replace. Flavor is quite good and it produces a lot of vapor, especially for it's size. Holds 2.4ml of liquid so it will last most of, if not all day without needing a refill.

    The ONLY problem I've ever had with them is sometimes when you unscrew the drip tip it loosens the coil. Just give the coil a little twist to make sure it's tight before putting the drip tip back on. Other than that, it's the easiest, most trouble free clearo I've ever had.
    I recomend T2's to all beginners as the best, just gets it done clearo. They may not be the biggest cloud or the purest taste but they just work, every time, plain and simple. They are top filling and easy to care for but they do like to be dry burned fairly often. Every 2-3 tanks with a sweet juice.

    Quote Originally Posted by smurfdude View Post
    Doh! fasttech are sold out lol
    Not at all $2.88 T2 Electronic Cigarette Round Mouth Clearomizer (2.4ml) - translucent / 2.2. Some times the FT coils are kind of lame so I often just toss them
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