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Thread: Would you go the extra $ and get a ProVari ???

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    I dont have a single bad thing to say about Provari because, like you said, I've never owned one. I find it hard to take someone serious that is willing to bash something that they have yet to try. Is it expensive? That's all relative to what someone wants to spend on vape gear. To me, it is. So if I was going all out, it wouldn't be on a Provari because I have different goals than others. Just my .02.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twizted View Post
    You want a mind blowing fact of why the provari is worth the money? Here's the main & only important one: Safety. Provari is, as far as I know, the only mod out that won't let you do anything stupid to risk shooting a topper to the back of your throat by running too low ohms, having a battery go thermal from high amp draw, or take your voltage too high with a sub par battery. Just to name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p.opus View Post
    Having re-read this entire thread I have noticed one trend that can't be ignored.

    Those who have the opinion that the ProVari is worth the extra scratch, have the experience of owning and using a ProVari on a day in and day out basis. Even those who have moved on and find the ProVari no longer adequate for their vaping style still rave about the quality and build of a ProVari and say that in their opinion they are worth it.

    Those who have the opinion that the ProVari is NOT worth the extra scratch, do not have this experience. Overwhelmingly, they admit that they have never owned one, and in most cases never even used one!!! A lot of opinions from people with not a lot of experience with the device. Their reasoning and arguments are based not on what they know, but rather what they think, or what they've read.

    Perhaps I'm weird, but I don't care what the product is, I'm going to give more credence to a group of people who know what they are talking about based on their personal experience with that product over a group of people who claim to be experts without having any practical experience with the product they are opining about.

    One group of people know what they speak of, because they have owned and used it. The other group is merely talking out of their collective butt.

    Oh man! I wish I had closed this thread when this was posted. Well said.

    We're done here!!
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