How do I take apart a disposable e-cig?
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Thread: How do I take apart a disposable e-cig?

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    Default How do I take apart a disposable e-cig?

    I don't smoke, and had never heart of e-cigarettes unil reciently. I recently purchased a disposable E-cig from the ecigarettes store, so that I could test out the idea of using an E-cig to make smoke effects for a puppet theater.

    I have run the battery down in my two days of testing, and now I want to take it apart to check out the construction. However, I don't know how to take it apart. The atomizer seems to be press-fit into the metal body.

    The on-off switch was a simple plastic cap that pulled off easily. It seems the battery is held inside by a plastic part that forms the on-off switch. I guess I can just get a set of pliers and try to pull the plastic that forms the switch off. But, I haven't a clue about dissecting the atomizer part.

    I thought I would ask for recommendations here before I get aggressive with pulling things apart.

    Joe Dunfee

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    Cad--the reccommendation is DO NOT DO IT. It is a disposable e-cig and is not meant to be taken apart.