ECF Live Chat Help: Basics and quick help
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Thread: ECF Live Chat Help: Basics and quick help

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    Default ECF Live Chat Help: Basics and quick help

    This post is not all inclusive and is meant to be a quick help reference for new Live Chat Users.

    1. Connecting to ECF Live Chat
      1. First, fill out the Live Chat access request form located here: (If you have less than 5 posts, use this form instead: )
      2. Use the live chat link at the top of each forum page. Or:
      3. Using an IRC Client:
        • Server :
        • Port : 6667
        • Channel: #ECF (not required). Type: /join #ECF

    2. Help with nicknames
      1. Register your nickname:
        1. Registering your nickname will prevent other people from impersonating you and is needed to kill off your ghost if you get disconnected. It's also required in order to be added to the Live Chat access list.
        2. type /nickserv register password email
          • replace password and email with the desired values. Using a valid email will help you later if you need to recover your password.

    3. Changing your nickname:
      1. type /nick newnickname

    4. Identifying with Nickserv:
      1. Automatically Identifying with Nickserv:
        1. Mibbit users may click the "auth" link then enter their password in the password box before connecting.
        2. If you use a stand alone IRC client consult your documentation for how to automatically identify with Nickserv on connect.

      2. Manually identifying with Nickserv:
        1. You can manually identify with Nickserv by typing /msg nickserv identify password
        2. It is good practice to do this in the "server tab" so that you don't accidentally send your password over an open channel. Don't laugh it happens more often than you would think. Typos happen!
          1. If you accidentally post your information in a public channel IMMEDIATELY change your password by identifying then type: /msg nickserv set password mynewpassword
          2. Do this quickly!
    5. How to kill your ghost and reclaim your nickname after timing out:
      1. type /nickserv ghost nickname password
        • nickname is your registered nickname not the nickname the server gave you!
        • If this just "cycles" you instead of killing the ghost you have a "zombie" IRC process on your computer (the client crashed but did not fully exit, it is still responding to the server). You will need to find and kill the process and wait for it to time off the server. Or you can reboot your computer. Either way you'll need to wait for the zombie to time out and disconnect.

      2. If you have not registered your nickname you will need to wait until your ghost times out from the server. Channel Operators can not help you kill the ghost connection and IRC protocol generally precludes involving IRC Operators for such mundane tasks (they are administrators). Register your nickname!

    6. Sending private messages:
      1. Do not send unsolicited, harassing,threatening or otherwise hateful private messages. This is against the rules of Live Chat and may result in administrative action against your IRC and Forum accounts.
      2. Mibbit users: click the name of the person you want to PM, then select PM. This will open a tab for your private conversation.
      3. Other IRC clients: most clients have a similar method. It may be called dialogue or query.
      4. Send a simple PM without opening a separate tab:
        1. type /msg nickoftarget message
          1. Example: if I wanted to whisper "hi" to fred I would type /msg fred hi

    7. Joining a channel
      1. type /join #channelname
        1. channelname is the name of the channel you wish to join. Spelling counts and the # is required.

    8. Leaving a channel
      1. type /part or optionally:
      2. type /part #channelname reason
        1. use this optional format if you want to leave a custom parting message. Example: /part #ECF see you tomorrow!

    Important information for all live chat users:

    Additional information:
    If you need advanced help for IRC there are many online resources or you can ask in channel.

    Some resources for self help:
    IRC tutorial - Mibbit
    The IRC Prelude
    Irc help - Google Search
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    Default ECF Live Chat Netiquette

    These guidelines (Netiquette) exist to make the chat a more pleasant and useful experience for everyone. These guidelines expand on and are enforceable by the channel operators.

    Be respectful to others, or civil at the very least.
    Treating others with dignity and respect is the cornerstone of all communications. This is also one of the official live chat rules. Please, please abide by it.

    No Advertising!
    ECF Live Chat is an "end user" chat. We do not allow vendors to advertise or conduct business in live chat.

    The spam filters exist for a reason.
    Do not attempt to bypass the filters. Filtered sites have been filtered for a reason, bypassing the spam filter can result in action against your account.

    Do not PM without permission.
    Not everyone wants to engage in private conversations. PMing users "out of the blue" is considered bad etiquette and can result in action against you if the recipient complains.

    Don't spam or flood the channel
    Don't abuse the bot functions to flood the channel with text. It is annoying and will result in the bot functions being disabled or removed.

    because it is VERY annoying and creates unnecessary screen scrolling.

    Please be considerate and don't flood the channel with nickname changes. Impersonation of an operator by changing your nick to something very similar to an operator's name is a banning offence. Don't do it!

    It is also annoying to people. Please refrain from excessive use of capital letters.

    Excessive use of color is frowned upon
    Just because you can color your text does not mean you should. It makes it harder to read and is very annoying to some users and operators.

    Drug talk is prohibited
    Illegal drugs are not an appropriate subject of discussion. Don't argue we cannot make an exception.

    Swearing and sex chat aren't allowed
    We're all adults but lets show some courtesy and respect for others. There are other places you can do this. Some operators are more stringent than others on this rule, but be aware that in the end it just isn't what the channel is about.

    No Trolling or Flaming
    Don't post chat in order to receive a negative or argumentative response. Don't flame or verbally abuse others. There is a certain amount of leeway for expressing your opinion, but personal attacks are just not allowed.

    We don't care what YOU think is trolling. If an operator gives you a warning about trolling, YOU are.

    Forum and IRC bans are not an appropriate subject for discussion.
    We do not discuss or complain about bans in the channel or on the forum. There are privacy and other issues that apply to bans. Don't be nosy

    The rules are not up for debate
    The Forum and IRC rules are in place for a reason. They are not a subject of debate, nor is an operators interpretation of the rules. If you have a problem with the rules you are free to go elsewhere. If you have a problem with an operator, contact an admin. Arguing in channel will just result in a ban.

    Final thoughts
    Don't forget that none of the staff is paid, so you will experience times when there are no active operators. They are people too, they have to sleep, eat, bathe, and even occasionally do real world non Internet related things. If there are problems when an operator is not available you can leave a PM on the forum to one of the staff and we can look into the situation when someone is available. Rest assured that we do take this seriously and can look back through logs.

    ECF Live Chat is a wonderful community tool. Have fun and make friends while learning about vaping or just enjoying the company. Seeya there!
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    Default The Bots of Live Chat

    If you use ECF Live Chat you have probably noticed a few of the bots that roam around in the channels. Here is a brief rundown on the more commonly seen bots.

    [ECF] is the IRC service bot. He sits there day in and day out, handling mundane tasks such as voicing users. Occasionally, [ECF] has been known to speak, but when he does it is normally a by-product of watching too many movies. It appears he is a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Terminator series of moves.

    User interaction: None, ECF doesn't respond to user commands.


    rbot is a longtime inhabitant of Live chat. he not only greets everyone as they enter, he provides some fun and serves some useful functions. Because he resides in the main channel several of his functions have been disabled over time. Users have managed to abuse him and the owner decided that to stop the channel flooding it was just easier to turn off google and some of the functions people would use to flood the chat.

    Update: google has been enabled again. please don't flood the channels or it will get turned off.

    User interaction: High. Join #games and enjoy rbots company!

    Bonus information:

    rbot's biography:

    rbot's song:


    hbot is a helper bot and resides in most channels other then #ECF. hbot is the keeper of the ECF help database. The help database is available in any channel hbot is on, type !l hbot for a short list of common hbot commands. Type !news for a list of the current news articles.

    User interaction: High. Join #general, #help, or #DIY to use hbot

    gatekeeper and keymaster

    gatekeeper and keymaster are terminator class Eggdrop bots that live in many of the channels. They have no functions other than to enforce bans.

    User interaction: You had better hope not ...
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