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Best book i have ever read on trying to quit smoking, I guess that is why it's a "classic". I have cited that book many times on ECF, glad someone else is using it. Actually it's about psyching yourself up, to do anything, even diet or start running, or whatever. I still like to read the book at night sometimes, just because.

As for nicotine being addictive, I believe it is. Because before vaping I used the patch and nic gum, and I was not climbing the walls like I was when I quit cold turkey before that.
Carr's book, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is a very good book. I personally know 2 HARDCORE tobacco users that had been smoking for decades to quit using this method. Please remember that Carr did not quit by his own method, but rather through hypnotherapy. Carr uses what I call "reverse brainwashing". He is totally credible in his book. I myself have read the book (twice) and could not quit. It was at this point of my life, I told myself that I would never be able to quit tobacco. That was until I discovered e-cigarettes one month ago, and I have not looked back on lung darts. I do still occasionally crave one....but I take a puff from my PV, and the craving is gone. Thank you to e-cigarettes for delivering the quick hit of nicotine I crave, and holding back the vast majority of the other carcinogenic chemicals that are produced from burning tobacco.