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Thread: Heavy Breathing caused by too much nicotine? Anxiety???

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    You may want to read this. It has much useful info in it that may be very helpful to you.


    Read the part that talks about Section 2: Electronic cigarette usage issues
    and good luck!

    It sounds to me like you could be having a reaction to PG or less likely, VG. Changing vendors may be a step in the right direction as it may be from the PG or VG that particular vendor is using.
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    I, more or less, had a similar experience to what you say is happening to you at the moment.
    Cigarettes were my bane for a number of years,let's just say at least 12 of my adolescent/teenage years.
    11 was about the age I started smoking rather heavily.
    After picking up an EGO for the first time, I experienced an amalgamation of complications.
    Firstly the most noticeable was a physical sensation that resembled a moderate respiratory infection that lasted for two or more weeks.
    After that, the mental aspect of the ordeal kicked in and produced major anxiety and longing for the terrible habit I relished and perpetuated for so many of my priceless years.
    My opinion on the matter is that your body is becoming more acclimated to not being INUNDATED with toxic smoke and residue.
    Your mind is counteracting this fortunate circumstance with the default response to CONTINUE to f#@$ your body and continue your habit.
    Please stay dedicated and mindful during this transition, as I, and I can speculate the rest of the ECF community, am glad we have.
    Vaping has become such a major part of my/our life, please dont revert back.
    Only the best,
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