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Thread: Welcome North Texas Vapers!

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    As far as high-end PV equipment goes, I haven't seen anyone local carrying a decent selection. It would be nice to walk in and get some hands on time. Like you said, mostly starter kits and mid-level stuff. Seems like every few blocks on every main drag around here we've got a place we can walk into and get supplies. Texas Vapor map for DFW area is a sight to behold.

    My new fave juice bar is Lucky Vapor on Rufe Snow, pretty decent menu of 60/40 that is blended in house. EC Vape on Watauga Rd. has juices "imported" from different suppliers (Vape Dudes, Rock and Roll, etc.), some of it is pretty tasty. Worth looking into.

    I like Mid-Cities, but their juices are just sort of meh. Crazy the amount of PV stock they can cram into that little display case though. There is yet another vape shop opening near Browning an 377, curious to see what they will have to offer.
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    Wow! Thanks for the info!

    Hopefully your "meh" means that it's not something wrong with me... Well at least, not with regards to this particular issue. Can't vouch for much else. I've been in Lucky Vapes, but never had time to sit down and sample. And I had no idea one had opened up off of Watauga Road, as I really don't ever travel that way. Will definitely give it a try tho, especially as Vape Dudes is one of the two online orders currently sitting.

    So I guess I'll be seeing you in January at the Texas Vapor Convention, in the hopes that we can both get some hands-on time with some goodies!

    Let me know if you happen to chance upon a brick and mortar with a great selection. And congrats on making the switch!

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    Hello, my name is R.C. (yeah, like the Cola, lol). Started vaping a couple of weeks ago and haven't picked up an analog since! 520 cigarettes avoided! Vaping is my new hobby, and in about 3 weeks I should have a brand spanking new Provari. (At least that's the plan. )

    I live in Seagoville and am retired from the City of Irving. Oh yes...and my new favorite flavor is a custom blend called "Holiday Coffee". Something like a Highlander Grog.
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    Welcome to ECF vaper62/RC! Glad you found vaping and ECF both! Congratulations on losing the stinkies too!

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