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Thread: American Cancer Society stance

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolygate View Post
    The American Society for Cancer have taken a firm stance against electronic cigarettes because their good friends, the pharma industry, have told them to. You may also be interested to know that a fair proportion of charitable donations to these types of groups goes toward paying the unbelievable, obscene salaries their senior staff are paid. Vocalek, I believe, listed some of them in a post, and they looked like oil sheikh's earnings.

    Because the direct result of their activities will be more cancer instead of less, some of us have taken to playfully rearranging their name...
    So sad..........sounds like conspiracy theory.......but actions speak louder than words.

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    Oh I'm sure the pharma industry has their hands in it. Plus it looks like smoking and we actually *gasp* enjoy it so thus vaping is terrible too and must be banned. Sigh.
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    Yes. Our vaping disrupts their plan to "denormalize" smoking. If you ask me, the denormaled ones are the antis.
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