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    This thread is for trading our flavors. If you have something that you don't care for or maybe you have too much of one flavor and would like to trade for another then this is the place to do.

    This is for Parkes Vaping juices only please no other vendor juices allowed.
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    I can actually start this off! I got a 120ml bottle of French Toast, vaped 30ml (poured it into a 30ml bottle) and then got bored. So I have:

    ~90ml French Toast 80PG / 20VVG, 18mg, born 2/18/13

    I'd trade for any cheesecake flavor, any butterscotch flavor, or something caramel. Has to be at least 16mg. Doesn't necessarily have to be 90ml worth, lol. I'd trade for 30ml. I'm lenient

    I keep my juice in a cubby in my desk that remains nice and shaded, my home is never hot -- and it's been winter anyway. So the juice is in good shape.

    Edit: I'm pretty sure it was 120ml. It just doesn't *look* like there's 90ml in it though... It looks more like 60ml to me.. but She doesn't offer 90ml bottles on the site, so I'm confused. Here are pictures.

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