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Thread: Canadian e-cig related Swaps thread (Juice, Batteries, Parts etc.) - Please read 1st post for Rules and Guidelines.

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    Location: Within Toronto please. Preferably at a downtown Starbucks.

    Looking for: Anything really. 18mg or higher juice, RBA stuff...


    Parkes Vaping. Made on November 26th, 2012

    10ml - 24mg - 70pg / 30vg - Wyatt Earp
    10ml - 24mg - 20pg / 80vg - PV4
    06ml - 24mg - 70pg / 30vg - Cam-Ul

    Velvet Cloud Vapor. Made on September 2012

    15ml - 24mg - Unknown Blend - Ice Beard
    15ml - 24mg - Unknown Blend - Maple Mountain Breakfast

    Mr. Vape. Made on December 6th, 2012

    30ml - 24mg - 60pg / 40vg - RY4
    15ml - 24mg - 60pg / 40vg - Special Blend
    10ml - 24mg - 70pg / 30vg - DK-Tab
    06ml - 24mg - 60pg / 40vg - Cherry Tobacco
    06ml - 8mg - 50pg / 50vg - Key Lime Pie

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    Available for swap:

    Cafe Mocha (BRAND NEW - Un-opened) - 30 ml
    12 mg

    Received - FEB 20TH, 2013 from MAD VAPERS (receipt available)
    Reason swapping: This juice is outstanding quality. I bought 2 (I am keeping 1) but it will only be a "once and a while" vape for me - I don't need 2.

    Looking to SWAP for another 30 ml HALO e-juice - tobacco - (PRIME 15 or Freedom)
    Prefer 12 mg ... but could go to 18

    PM me for details.


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    Guess noones in here much ? Looking swap bunch diy flavours ?

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    Scarborough area, Warden and Kindston Rd. For swap for anything that isn't tobacco or mint, in 0-6 mg nic . Everything to go as a lot, not separately. Will meet at the public library Taylor Memorial.
    All juices bought between Aug-Sept. 2014 . I can prove it for most of them ( can show order on internet from my accounts)
    total of over 110 ml juices, all for ONE 30ml bottle in 6mg or 0mg of Five Pawns , or Alien Visions, or similar. , PLUS added for free, to the person taking the lot, 2 EGOT batteries which I hate with a passion, they are horrible, I think 650mah, not sure, that was my first kit bought in Aug.2014 . I think I used them for 3 days. If you like to make me a cash offer, I'd love that too.
    They are all partially used.

    Mt.Baker, Johnny Chimp, 30 ml bottle, 6mg, bought from Dashvapes, almost full,
    Juicy ejuice Watermelon, bought from Juicy ejuice, 10 ml bottle plus another 10ml bottle with 5 ml left, both 8mg nic
    Esplash Rum, bought from Red Smoke, 30ml bottle, about 25ml left, 6mg nic
    PurEliquid, Blueberry, bought from Red Smoke, 30 ml bottle, about 28 ml left, it was 18 mg but I added some 0 mg blueberry, still too strong for me, I guess at about 12mg nic right now.
    Juicy Blackberry, bought from Juicy Ejuice, 10ml bottle, about 6 ml left, 8 mg nic
    Mt. Baker Mango, 30ml bottle, bought from Dashvapes, a little more than half left, 3mg nic.
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