I thought I would upload these ProVari v2 Operating Charts that I put together and have been using with good success.

Basically I'm using them for a coupe of reasons:

  1. As a quick calculation of power for a given resistance and voltage. (nothing specific to the ProVari here, its Ohm's law in a tabular version)
  2. As a way to predict the highest amount of voltage, that can be applied with the ProVari for a given resistance without generating an error. From ProVari documentation, the v2 has a current limit of 3.5A when operating below 4.2V and a power limit of 14.5W when operating above 4.2V. So basically if either the power or current cells are shaded red, the ProVari will return an error. Additionally if a cell is shaded yellow, the current or power is within 10% of the limit (therefore an error 'may' occur due to inaccuracies in the system characteristics.

The full version, has all voltages and resistances in 0.1 Volt and Ohm increments. The condensed chart uses 0.2 Volt and Ohm increments; it is a bit more compact and easier to use but requires some reading between the lines.

Just wanted to share this with the community.

ProVari v2 Operating Chart.pdf <-- Full version
ProVari v2 Operating Chart - Condensed.pdf <-- Condensed Version