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    Hey guys,

    Just brought a nimbus clone the other day and after inspecting it, I realised that it had no coil (no problem, I'll just learn to recoil)

    but I also realised that it infact completely lacked any holes.

    it appears to have 2 small holes on the outside, however these indentation don't actually follow through far enough to constitute actual holes.

    How would I go about getting some holes into this tank?

    I've got a drill and some drill bits, but I am in no way proficient with powertools, nor do I have any knowledge of them.

    any advice would be much appreciated.


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    I own 2 Nimbus clones. The way I have widened the holes is by no means the easiest or most proficient way but it works well. Ideally you would want a drill press, and would clamp the top cap down and drill straight through. The way I do it is with a clamp and handheld cordless drill. I clamp the atomizer top cap down and drill straight through, usually one hole at a time. If your cap has literally no holes but just indentations where they should be, use those as guides. Start with a 1/16" bit and move up from there. I would rinse the top cap in water after each drilling and try it out. Some people like a tighter draw and some people (ME) like the lung hit. My top caps are 3/32" which is a relatively airy draw. Anyways hope this helps. You can always check youtube.