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Thread: What's your favorite E-juice vendor & Top E-juice flavor's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone19Delta View Post
    1. Favorite Vendor or Vendors Cloud9vaping for juice (7.49 @ 30ml:-)

    2. Favorite flavors (please put vendor next to them)
    warm cinnamon roll, monkey fart (amazing!) extreme ice, icy lemonade lime and menthol all vapor renu (code newjuice for 15% off first order renu for 10% off all future orders

    3. Your PG Vg mix
    I use renu blend i think its 50 VG 38 PG and the rest papaya leaf extract for sweetener.

    4. Good vendors with the best deals (optional)
    deal wise only codes i know of are for vapor renu see #1

    5. Best place for sample kits (optional)
    No idea

    6. Your PV
    to many to list but my current daily is HANA MOD, 20 mod)

    7. Your PV setup
    Hana mod with kayfun 3.1 with 3mm Ekowool and 30 gauge kanthal and sometime a crazy vapes xl pyrex glass tank with 1.7 ohm DC carto

    8. Anything else you think would be helpful
    Tried over 400 juices, Vapor renu is my favorite. Best to steep them for 6 or 7 days if able.
    Icy lemonade lime and menthol, sounds nice!
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    you should try VAPORIN , they have many different flavors i love the strawberry one and chocolate! that is my favorite vendor you can check here at Vaporin | Electronic Cigarettes | Vaporizer | Ecig | E-Cigarette | E Cigs | Oil Pens

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    I know this is an old thread, but I'll post anyhow. I buy a lot of different juices and I am always looking for that next great juice. Some of my current favorites are:
    Mocha Java Drizzle - Vape Dudes - Best coffee vape I have had so far that doesn't taste like instant coffee.
    RY4 - ECBlends - 5 ml for $2.50
    Hangsen RY4 - - Dirt cheap and I like it - Less than $4 for 30 ml
    Chocolate Hazelnut Tobacco - ECBlends - I am trying to find a substitute for the Chockanillahaze from Volcano
    Bobas Bounty - I am off and on with this. I know PBusardo swears by the stuff, but I get burnt out pretty quickly with it.
    Blue Honey - Vape Dudes - Pretty tasty when in the mood for fruity
    Citrus Explosion - EcBlends - Very refreshing
    I normally use a 50/50 blend when asked.
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    iTaste SVD
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    My original Infernos from Volcano
    Kanger Protank 1 - Soon to add Protank 2
    I still like cartomizers as well

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    My top 3 vendors are alice in vapeland, suicide bunny and five pawn. I also love Halcyon Cran Chi if your into cranberry flavor. I have put together a site for referencing the top e liquid companies. The site is called eliquidpoll dot com and lists 30 great vendors. Check it out!

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    1) Maddcatt Vapors

    Ripe Strawberry

    2) Alien Visions

    Bobas Bounty

    There are a few other very good juices that I've enjoyed from other very good vendors, but these stand out from the crowd to me...

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    I have been vaping for about 2 months and bought a bunch of stuff from all different vendors. This is where I am at right now. My absolute favorite vendor is Free State Vapors. Not a 10000 different flavors but what I have bought from them has been really, really good. Most don't even need steeped too long, I usually let them steep for about 2 days. Their banana tobacco is awesome. Most flavors are subtle but it's like your inhaling velvet. Best deals are at Mt Baker Vapor, their butterscotch and caramel candy are my favorites. I have read so much hoo-ha and great reviews about virgin vapors so I bought a lot of their stuff and so far found only one I like, which is vanilla tobacco, it's very strong, but it's like a good cigar. I have just set them all aside and been letting them steep for over a month now and going to let them steep another month before I try them again. I prefer to buy organic stuff at 100% VG or VG and distilled water. Orb Vapor is also really good, their strawberry cake batter is awesome.
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    One of the sweetest vapes I've had and by far one of my favorite is Princess Bee, its a double peach, by The Vapor Hive in Norco, Ca, they don't have a web portal but they do take telephone orders:-)

    brunsde1770 on youtube

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