Replacement for Pure Smoker Products?
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Thread: Replacement for Pure Smoker Products?

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    Default Replacement for Pure Smoker Products?

    Pure Smoker has now closed, and it leaves me wondering what to do about juice and cartomizers. I have their old V3 which I run at 6V, and I use BUD 510 HR cartos with their Tonic e-juice. Does anyone know where I can get BUD 510 cartos like those that were sold by Pure Smoker? I can't find them anywhere.

    As far as juice, I have no idea where to turn. I used a mixture of Pure Smoker juices that consists of 30 ml Menthol and 15 ml of a juice they called Berrodica, which is a berry flavor. Does anyone know of a supplier that might have something similar?

    Thanks for your help guys - I feel like I've lost a best friend. I'm nearly out of cartos and juice, and my heart sank when I went to place a Pure Smoker order and saw they were closed. Any suggestions you might have would be sincerely appreciated...

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    It was reported that when PureSmoker locks its door a new store front opened up. Check out the forum discussion at the link below for more information on the new brick and mortar outlet. Whether or not they are carrying any of the old PS product line is a good question.
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