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Thread: 7-Day (business days) Rule

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    Default 7-Day (business days) Rule

    A wait of 7 days is required before posting an incident or a product in the negative reviews. This in order for the Supplier to respond properly to your concerns and to make good if required.

    When describing your complaint or issue, you must put the date the product was received (or if non-delivery is the problem then the date of the order), or the date of the incident being discussed. If 7 days have not elapsed we will moderate the post (set it non-visible) until the required time has elapsed. If you do not give a date then the post will be moderated because we will assume the issue is current and possibly even of today's date (as has been happening lately).

    This rule has become necessary because we have seen an increase in members complaining about issues that are in the middle of being resolved. We don't see any point to this because there has not been a final resolution of the product issue or incident. In some cases the issue under discussion is on the day of the post, which seems to indicate an attempt to blackmail the vendor or pressure ECF to become involved immediately even on the same day the product was delivered. Neither of these are acceptable. We have even seen a negative review where the whole issue took place after the vendor closed up shop and went home for the night, and the post was made the same day, without the vendor having a chance to resolve the matter the next day. This is unacceptable and certainly not the purpose of the Negative Reviews forum.

    It also needs to be taken into account that while it may be the case that a vendor selling a small number of high-cost items can address issues rapidly, this certainly does not apply to vendors selling large quantities of low-cost items every day. These vendors need time for staff to address issues in their prescribed way. There is also the problem that a small percentage of claims will be unreasonable or even verging on the fraudulent.

    For all these reasons we need to allow a 7 day period for the problem to be addressed and resolved. If, after that time, you still feel you have a justified cause for complaint, then by all means post a critical review.
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    Note: 7 day period = 7 business days (Monday to Friday)

    Please remember that postal services close during the holidays. This effectively shuts down suppliers because even though they can process your order, they can not ship it.
    Please wait ten (10 days) during these postal shutdowns due to holidays before posting a review out of courtesy to the suppliers.
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