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20 July 2013
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Let me start of by saying I have not contacted MadVapes about my issue, and I don't intend to. This post also only deals with MadVapes B&M stores in Charlotte.

So I'm new to vaping and in checking out all the different stores in Charlotte, I also checked out MadVapes. I went in with my wife and sister-in-law to one of their stores in the area to get my sister-in-law setup. I had recently been to ELiquidPlanet and got myself a nice setup and they were awesome. They helped me understand everything and really took their time explaining everything to me. This was not the case, at all, with MadVapes. And I don't know, maybe they don't specialize in dealing with noobs, but they acted like we should have already known everything and when we went in, get what we want, and leave. They just were not helpful at all. We felt very rushed and nobody else was in the store. Every question we asked had a one word response. Seems like MadVapes needs to train their employees to help and educate their customers, not just make a sale.

I've heard great things about their online store and will surely make some purchases there, but to all the new vapers in Charlotte, you might want to head elsewhere for your first setup.