Company name
Vape Vine
Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.
5 February 2014
How did you contact the supplier
Ticket number (if you were issued one)
no reply..
General nature of complaint
Customer service
Briefly describe your problem or issue
I visited the Vape Vine which is a local B&M store here in Maryland. I wasn't greeted in any way. While I was looking in the cases at a collage of other companies ejuices a menu of the juices was sort of thrusted intoy face with The comment here's all our juices. Then when I asked for a dc carto for my tank I was laughed at more shmerked at with the comment that nobody uses those anymore. Then when I expressed some interest in trying the vazilla I'd heard so much about I was given a sample set up and the 2nd hit was extremely dry n burnt. The same guy that shmerked earlier at my carto request acted like I was lying when I told them I had gotten a burnt dry hit. He was too busy putting away his new stock of 5 Pawns to care to help with any of my questions about his products. The nicer of the employees tried to help but seemed new and unable to help much (not his fault) I'm guessing that because I wasn't dressed up as it was my day off and I was in house cleaning clothes he thought I had no money and dismissed me. Made rude comments and I will never go back. Even the person that recommended I look there for the product I needed said oh yeah that giys a jerk. Nobody likes going there if they have to deal with him. Anyway Mr. Nasty remarks I may have spent hundreds of dollars that day and become a regular customer and recommended your shop on here instead I will warn anyone I can against visiting the VapeVine. There isn't anything there that we can't get online and or way cheaper at fasttech anyway. Thanks for nothing.. K.Henning