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    Default Bull Box Mods - Customer service issue : Bklynzfinest

    Company name
    Bull Box Mods
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    1 January 2014
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    My mother & I on separate transactions ordered from this vendor recently, so this is a joint review. In my moms case it took her 2 weeks to receive the drip tip she had ordered. Up until that point she had politely emailed the vendor for support, as tracking numbers are not provided on his site, and her first 2 emails were ignored. By the 3rd email she was a little more aggressive (understandable) and he finally responded that he had seen her other emails, but chose not to respond because he didn't think it was necessary, something along those lines. Throughout their communication, he came off unapologetic, arrogant and entitled. We did not expect he would offer a refund or replace the drip tips if they were lost in the mail, based on what he told us.

    The 2nd transaction was made by me for 2 drip tips ($92!) against my better judgement -- again It's been 3 & a half weeks and I still have not received anything. I emailed the vendor several times since and have basically been ignored. Tracking for my item shows a label was printed 3 weeks ago but no activity since. At this point I can say fool me twice, shame on me. Despite his beautiful drip tips, We will definitely NOT be doing business with this vendor again, he clearly does not know how to treat his customers! I will be filing for a full refund on my visa. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!

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    Hello Bklynzfinest,

    Please understand that it is very difficult to keep a business afloat with only one person (me) running the show. As much as I try to reply to every email I simply can not do it, especially when the answers to the email inquiries are on my website. You see... you ordered a custom tip with specs and a backordered material. I can not turn your tip until my supplier has sent me the blanks. As soon as I got the back ordered material I finished and mailed your tips. *On my website it does indeed say that the custom tips can take up to 3 three weeks for a custom drip tip, especially when material is not in stock. My apologies that you are upset that your tips took longer than you anticipated. But understand that custom orders take time, not many vendors go out of their way to make custom tips anymore for this reason.

    Taken from "Custom order a bully tip" on my website:
    "As these tips are made to your specifications, orders can take time to ship. If material is in stock expect within a week. On rare cases where material is not in stock or backordered, orders may take up to 3 weeks."

    I'd like to add that I have all your tracking numbers in front of me, and they have indeed been confirmed of their delivery.

    Take care
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