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Thread: Viper Vapes - Defective or wrong product issue : mousitch

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    Default Viper Vapes - Defective or wrong product issue : mousitch

    Company name
    Viper Vapes
    Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.
    28 January 2014
    How did you contact the supplier
    Ticket number (if you were issued one)
    General nature of complaint
    Defective or wrong product
    Briefly describe your problem or issue
    Received Defective Aspire Nautilus heads from this vendor. Holes were punched too closely to rim. But for any reason 3 out of 5 did not work. These suckers are $5 a piece! Emailed once asking what I should do. Waited again after no response ,emailed one more time on Feb 7th and still no response. I'm not necessarily wanting a refund but wanting to know If I should contact Aspire or if they had issues with these already. Makes me mad when one cannot just respond especially after the second inquiry and makes me unlikely to ever purchase from again. Overlooking something once is one thing but brushing off new vaper wanting to help make you money is quite another.

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