Company name
Vapor World
Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.
9 August 2014
How did you contact the supplier
Live support
Ticket number (if you were issued one)
General nature of complaint
Customer service
Briefly describe your problem or issue
On 8/09 I received an order I placed for, what I thought, were 2: 5 pack coils for my Aero tank. When I opened my package there were only 2 single coils. Their website shows a box of coils on the coil page and never gives any hint that you will be purchasing single coils on the Aero tank coil page itself. I initiated a web chat and was initially helped by a women whose name I didn't get. I asked to return the 2 single coils at their cost due to the misleading website information. The initial women handed me over to a women named Taryn who I will never forget because she treated me worse than any "customer service" representative I have ever encountered. She asked how she could help me and again I stated I would like to return at their cost due to the misleading advertisement. She told me that it is "clearly stated" that you are purchasing single coils and I paid for 2 of them and that is how it is. Well, I had already quadruple double checked before reaching out to them and she is wrong. Not only did it not make it clear when I purchased but they haven't even bothered to make changes to the site since the incident. After basically telling me I was wrong and SOL she asked me if there was anything else she could "help me" with. I let her know that she never helped me at all and it was pretty obvious she wasn't going to. THE WEBSITE DOESN'T MAKE IT CLEAR YOU ARE PURCHASING SINGLE COILS. Would it have killed them to look at their ad #1 and pay the $1.50 it would cost to ship back. I will never purchase from them again and they have lost a good customer. I told Taryn that and she couldn't have cared less. The absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered.